Корзина пуста.

Add some personality to your order

YULIAWAVE brand jackets and coats can be personalized with initials.

Service cost : $60

FW '20/21


About collection

The collection is dedicated to emotions, breakthrough and courage of everyone whose personal choice to stay true to their own selves is at stake. It’s like a movie scene when by way of leaving all your fears behind and by following your own thoughts, you set out on a new journey. Our heroine is desperately seeking for changes and her rhythm and immense energy do not let her stay on the chosen path.

This new collection features outerwear, suits and knitwear. We present our first model manufactured from grape skin. It is an innovation-based ecologically-friendly material made of recycled wine-making raw materials.

We took inspiration for our FW ‘20/21 collection named “WILD” in a very complicated period when our team – and the whole world – was in the midst of uncertainty and abeyance. It was an absolutely new era when we looked at ourselves and saw the usual life in a new light. Things we had become accustomed to turned into extraordinary and even prohibited. Plots of such movies as “Wild” and “Into the Wild” gave us an idea to present our collection just the way you can see it now.

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