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Add some personality to your order

YULIAWAVE brand jackets and coats can be personalized with initials.

Service cost : $55

About us

Style with an Attitude


— The clothing brand with its own production, founded in 2014. Focusing on timeless values and benchmark standards of tailoring, YULIAWAVE combines modern aesthetics with the designer's view of freedom and self-expression, reinforcing its mission with a fundamental motto. YULIAWAVE IS "YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME".

About the brand

Yulia Vasilevskaya, the creator and designer of the brand, started her creative path with an evening gown for her own Birthday. Over the years of the brand's existence, through daily, constant work and creative intuition, a small home workshop has evolved into a prosperous in-house production.

YULIAWAVE brand is always an accurate hit to the global industry trends with an authentic, distinctive brand style and iconic elements that convey the values underlying the image.

We find inspiration in the opportunity to be involved in the lives of every customer of the brand on a daily basis. This is our main message: no matter what happens, no matter what your plan is for today, we will spend it all together.

YULIAWAVE will always support you in any way you express yourself.


Leather goods were, are and remain the brand's symbol. But today our classic suits also represent the absolute standard of tailoring, and expressive details, authors prints and revealing new formulas of familiar silhouettes form a multifaceted range of products under the brand's sign.


— the basis and the heart of the creative process. YULIAWAVE brand clothing is created in our own tailoring workshop in Moscow. Our collections are produced in limited editions in capsule series format, which makes them absolutely unique.

Our philosophy

"Each collection reflects our vision of a woman — the heroine of YULIAWAVE. This concentrate is filled with passion and love, immense desire and irrepressible energy. And each one has its own magnetic power".

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