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Add some personality to your order

YULIAWAVE brand jackets and coats can be personalized with initials.

Service cost : $80

About us

Style with an Attitude


Yulia Vasilevskaya, designer and brand creator, founded the women’s clothing brand in 2014, starting her career with designing a gown for her own birthday. Her alias, WAVE, perfectly reflects Yulia’s mood and attitude — bright, strong, and in endless motion. Over several years of the brand’s existence, the small home-based workshop has turned into a rapidly growing enterprise thanks to her continuous efforts and creative intuition.

About the brand

The Russian brand YULIAWAVE is a rapidly developing clothing brand with its own production, which is based on the transformation of ideas about everyday clothing and a new look at freedom of expression.

YULIAWAVE brand is always an accurate hit in the wave of current trends and a challenge to the established social canons of style.

In recent advertising campaigns, there is a deliberate rejection of the position of dividing clothes by gender: there are a lot of voluminous, masculine silhouettes and oversize in the collections. With the simultaneous neutralization of gender labels, we do not forget about the second side of the female self, launching airy and light silk dresses, praising simple feminine forms and silhouettes, recognizing monochrome as the absolute ruling force.

Creating high-quality leather outerwear products and strengthening our position in the modern fashion industry, we go further and today offer our audience full-fledged lines: from casual clothing and refined evening dresses to shoes and jewelry.

Despite the fact that leather products have always been, are and remain a constant symbol of the brand, today we rely on classic clothes, bright details, author's prints and the disclosure of new formulas of familiar silhouettes.

Carefully working through the output of each collection, our team continues to promote its aesthetic philosophy in everything:

from advertising campaigns to packaging.


Dynamically developing production is the basis and the heart of the creative process. All YULIAWAVE brand clothing is created in its own sewing workshop in Moscow. Most of our collections are produced in limited editions in the capsule series format, which makes them even more unique.

Our philosophy

«Each collection reflects my inner state. This concentrate comprises passion and love, feverish desire, and unceasing energy» YULIAWAVE

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