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Add some personality to your order

YULIAWAVE brand jackets and coats can be personalized with initials.

Service cost : $65

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Unique style


Individual tailoring is a guarantee for high quality and perfect fitting. Flagship service allows you to get a unique product completed fully by your measurements and in accordance with personal preferences. Having at least once tried the individual tailoring, you immediately grasp all the merits and peculiarities of this service.

Advantages of
bespoke tailoring

Production of items taking into account your parameters and your individual body shape particularities.
Fulfillment of wishes with regard to the item length, color and texture.
Possibility of choosing garments, lining and making use of the “Personalization” service.


Personalization is an individual approach aimed at designing a unique, personal gift. YULIAWAVE brand Leather jackets, trench coats and bomber jackets can be personalized by applying initials. To create personalized products, we use the technique of hot stamping. The monogram is applied to the inner part of a leather jacket, instead of the label.

The service is available online and in our flagship boutique.

Price: 73$

*When placing an order for a leather item with the personalization service, take note that its manufacturing time increases by 2-5 working days. Please note that custom-made personalized items may not be subject to exchange and return.


In the course of creating new designs, we make unique images and individuality of every YULIAWAVE customer our priority.

Customized leather jackets can be the best way to show it by means of clothing. Five jackets, five slogans and the signature “street style” graffiti and inscriptions that will not let you be unnoticed.

In the best traditions of customization, jackets are hand-painted by the artist. The artist uses professional leather paint. Its application is finished by means of thermal treatment what enables to guarantee high quality, durability and high density of application. Customization is intended for jackets made of genuine thick-textured leather.

Making a bespoke tailoring order

  • In order to place a bespoke tailoring order you need to come to our store or contact us by telephone;
  • The bespoke tailoring service includes fitting in the brand’s workshop. You can schedule an appointment with our manager for any time that suits you.
  • The manager will additionally inform you about the order’s status and readiness.
  • You can pick up the ready item yourself in our store or arrange delivery by means of one of the ways convenient for you.
Bespoke tailoring of textile items: 10% of the item base price
Bespoke tailoring of leather and fur items: 5% of the item base price

*Please note that in case of bespoke tailoring orders no items are eligible for exchange and return. Discounts, loyalty programs and special offers shall not be taken into account when placing a bespoke tailoring order.

*Such price increase is applicable to leather item orders.

Should you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us by means of one of the ways convenient for you:
sale@yuliawave.com or by telephone +7 (925) 163-42-00.

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