Корзина пуста.

Add some personality to your order

YULIAWAVE brand jackets and coats can be personalized with initials.

Service cost : $55

SS 18


About the Collection

This spring-summer collection was inspired by the eponymous film Malèna, featuring the one and only Monica Bellucci.

The collection reveals two aspects of the female nature: strong and independent, feminine and sexy. We have created and combined both the male and female details and silhouettes, producing a solid proof of how femininity and brutality can coexist in harmony.

Inspired by the deliberate sexuality of the heroine, her feminine dresses and silk sundresses contrast with the wide silhouettes of masculine jackets, long pants, and loose-cut shirts.

For several seasons in a row, we have created capsule collections of silver jewellery guided by the aesthetics of minimalism, honing the shape, improving the technique, and producing the best products for you.

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