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YULIAWAVE brand jackets and coats can be personalized with initials.

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About the Collection

Ninety-Nines combines history and modern fashion. The name plunges us into the origins of the female aviation, reminding the today’s generation of the 99 women who created an eponymous international community to support female pilots in 1929 Inspired by their achievements, we have captured the bright pages of our history, reiterating their stories today by means of clothes.

Before our eyes, military and functional clothing is becoming the main winter trend and the new language of today’s fashion.

We have borrowed the motto Pistol packin’ mama, one of the 99 symbols, from the 1940 eponymous U.S. hit. A year later, the women from the WASP aviation association began to use this motto as the name for the B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft, which carried out civilian flights during the World War II.

Collection items
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Однобортный кожаный жакет

sold out

Приталенный кожаный жакет

sold out

Leather jacket "Born to fly"

sold out

Short leather jacket

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Leather jacket "Never give up"


Leather jacket

$1,365 $1,230
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Leather jacket "Generation"

sold out

Leather jacket "Living my best life"

sold out

Leather jacket "Remember why you started"

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Classic coat

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Classic trench coat

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