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Y U L I A W A V E is a Russian brand, founded in 2014 and having solidified its foundation of recognition in 2016. Our brand is a modern lifestyle in outerwear, having its own character and spirit of freedom. Our goal is respect for casual wear, we use every opportunity to comply with the spirit of time and the views of the modern consumer, who is our soul mate.


About the

YuliaWave is sure that the presentation is as important as what her brand creates. The images that she creates convey a unique aesthetic, even in trifles. The clothes feel the spirit of freedom and restraint at the same time. In a very short time, the style created by YuliaWave became recognizable among the urban fashionistas. «Fashion, a very hot topic. With it you need to be delicate, do not go in pursuit of the podium. To be on your own wave and then you will have like-minded people. »